Small Agriquartuccio art gallery...

Art installations organic farm Agriquartuccio in Abruzzo. Sculptures and artistic furnishings for a special welcome and unique.


  • Planetario_02
  • Planetario_da_sotto_
  • Tavolino_con_specchi
  • Acquario di francesc
  • Botti di brandy dove
  • Camino con lampada
  • Disegni su parete sa
  • Lampada artistica in
  • Muro decorato
  • Panchina in pietra
  • Panchina scolpita in
  • Particolare di lampa
  • Pozzo con fiori
  • Sala da pranzo 1
  • Scultura di bambini
  • Scultura di coppia s
  • Scultura di coppia s





AgriQuartuccio - Az. agr. F. De Santis snc

GPS Coordinates: 42.069094, 13.060797
+39 333 83 68 619
email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Restaurant Hours

For guests staying the restaurant it is always open.
For the public, instead, as follows:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: closed
Friday: Dinner
Saturday: Lunch and Dinner
Sunday: Lunch

 +39 333 83 68 619

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