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  • agricoltura_biologica_1
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  • cagnolino
  • cagnolino
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  • fattoria_didattica_1
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In our educational farm children will experience a healthy and playful relationship with nature, animals, plants, and approach the art world with the art of making. Kids will have fun while learning respect for nature and country life in the open air.

Adults, however, can know our certified organic products, and if desired, taste them or buy them.


The farmer and his garden
From flour to bread and pizza
From flour to the dough
From milk to cheese
From fruit to canned
By bees to honey
Salt laboratory


Recycle fabrics and beyond
Work with clay
Weaving loom with natural fibers
Painting with what we by nature

  • Bambini alla fattori
  • Bambini in visita al
  • Cane da guardia all
  • Cane su prato agritu
  • Il pavone della fatt
  • Pavone all agrituris
  • Pollaio agriturismo
  • Trattore dell agritu
  • Viale fiorito all ag
  • Visite guidate alla

Restaurant Hours

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: bed and breakfast only

Friday: Dinner

Saturday: Lunch and Dinner

Sunday: Lunch

 +39 333 83 68 619

We produce organic vegetables with certification (IT BIO 003 2737 in compliance with EC regulations No. 834/2007 and No. 889/2008). We are a "green farm" because we use Photovoltaic 20 kw, Solar thermal for domestic hot water, we use energy-saving heat pumps for heating.
logo energia rinnovabile di Agriquartuccio



AgriQuartuccio - Az. agr. F. De Santis

P.IVA (VAT): 01824410664
N.iscriz.Camera di Commercio: AQ123832
GPS Coordinates: 42.069094, 13.060797
+39 333 83 68 619

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