Nanofarm, educational farm with dwarf animals

Presentazione Nano-fattoria, fattoria didattica con animali nani,
pecora nana e ariete nano alla fattoria didattica dell'agriturismo Agriquartuccio a Oricola (AQ)
Everything came from the name of my farm: Quartuccio (a quarter), or the nickname I gave to my wife as little. Since I am particularly fond of small animals, I created the first Nanofarm with animals of only dwarf race.

The dwarf cow that you can see in the picture nearby is called "Guendalina". It is of the Dexter breed and can produce 7 to 10 liters of excellent milk a day. The bull, at the height of the sacrum, can reach about 102-111 cm and reach a weight, at the age of 3 years, from 400 to 450 Kg. Instead the cow has a height at the sacred bone from 96 to 107 cm, and can weigh from 300 to 350 kg at 3 years of age. The Dexter cow can live for 15 to 20 years.

In the other photo, instead, you can see the dwarf sheep d'Ouessant, which, as you can guess from the name, is native to France. The ram is called Mimì, and the sheep is called Cocò. This is the smallest breed of sheep. Less than 50cm at the withers, while the weight is very variable, even depending on the sex, between 14 and 25 Kg.
Mucca nana di razza dexter, alla fattoria didattica dell'agriturismo Agriquartuccio a Oricola (AQ)

The male has the classic spiral horns, while the female never has horns, the hair is thin and thick. This sheep has passed a period in which it even approached extinction, but today it spreads more and more, also because being very small and sociable can adapt well to every situation. It requires little food and can be used to keep grass height low in fields, parks and gardens. It reproduces in autumn and always with only one child.

In the gallery below we also show our Falabella dwarf horse which is black called Malinki. Instead, the white horse is a Mini-Shetland that we called Pablo. The donkey Asinello Sardegnolo is called Mignolo. Finally there are the two Tibetan goats and the Vietnamese pigs.

  • Animali_nani_alla_fattoria_didattica_Agriquartuccio,Oricola,AQ,02
  • Animali_nani_alla_fattoria_didattica_Agriquartuccio,Oricola,AQ,08
  • Animali_nani_alla_fattoria_didattica_Agriquartuccio,Oricola,AQ,09
  • Animali_nani_alla_fattoria_didattica_Agriquartuccio,Oricola,AQ,12
  • Animali_nani_alla_fattoria_didattica_Agriquartuccio,Oricola,AQ,13
  • Animali_nani_alla_fattoria_didattica_Agriquartuccio,Oricola,AQ,14
  • Asinello_nano_sardegnolo_alla_fattoria_didattica_Agriquartuccio,Oricola,AQ,01
  • Caprette nane tibetane alla fattoria didattica dell'Agriquartuccio,Oricola,AQ
  • Caprette nane tibetane alla fattoria didattica dell'Agriquartuccio,Oricola,AQ_2
  • Caprette tibetane all agriturismo agriquartuccio
  • Cavallo_nano_Mini Shetland_alla_fattoria_didattica_Agriquartuccio,Oricola,AQ,10
  • Guendalina,mucca_nana_Dexter_alla_fattoria_didattica_Agriquartuccio,Oricola,AQ,04
  • Guendalina,mucca_nana_Dexter_alla_fattoria_didattica_Agriquartuccio,Oricola,AQ,05
  • Ariete_nano_e_pecora_nana_d'ouessant_alla_fattoria_didattica_Agriquartuccio,Oricola,AQ,11
  • Cavallo_nano_di_razza_Falabella_alla_fattoria_didattica_Agriquartuccio,Oricola,AQ,06
  • Cavallo_nano_di_razza_Falabella_alla_fattoria_didattica_Agriquartuccio,Oricola,AQ,07
  • Pecora e ariete nani d'ouessant,fattoria educativa,Agriquartuccio

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We produce organic vegetables with certification (IT BIO 003 2737 in compliance with EC regulations No. 834/2007 and No. 889/2008). We are a "green farm" because we use Photovoltaic 20 kw, Solar thermal for domestic hot water, we use energy-saving heat pumps for heating.
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AgriQuartuccio - Az. agr. F. De Santis

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