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Our farm produces biological vegetables certified

(IT BIO 003 2737 in ottemperanza ai regolamenti CE n. 834/2007 e n. 889/2008)

Logo certificazione agricoltura biologica

Buy our healthy organic products, or savor them at our restaurant.


Patate Agria Certificate Biologiche
Patate agria (pasta gialla) Biologiche € 0,80 al Kg
Patate Viola Biologiche
Patate Viola Biologiche € 2,00 al Kg
Fagioli Borlotti Biologici
Fagioli Borlotti Biologici € 5,00 al Kg
Fagioli Cannellini Biologici
Fagioli Cannellini Biologici € 5,00 al Kg
Fagioli Neri Biologici
Fagioli Neri Biologici € 5,00 al Kg
Ceci Biologici
Ceci Biologici € 5,00 al Kg
Lenticchie Biologiche
Lenticchie Biologiche € 5,00 al Kg
Zafferano Biologico Certificato
Zafferano Biologico € 18,00 il grammo
Farina Biologica Certificata
Farina Biologica tipo 1/2 € 1,00 al Kg
Miele di Castagno Biologico
Miele di Castagno Bio € 15,00 al Kg
Miele Biologico Millefiori
Miele Biologico di millefiori € 14,00 al Kg







AgriQuartuccio - Az. agr. F. De Santis snc

GPS Coordinates: 42.069094, 13.060797
+39 333 83 68 619

email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Restaurant Hours

For guests staying the restaurant it is always open.
For the public, instead, as follows:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: closed
Friday: Dinner
Saturday: Lunch and Dinner
Sunday: Lunch

 +39 333 83 68 619

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